Blanchard Mountain Farm Product List 2017

Products available in large or small quantities on Puget Sound Food Hub (call for seasonal/current availability):

Mesclun Salad Mix

Several lettuces and several non-lettuce greens, also available with chicories, baby beet greens, magenta spreen, ruby streaks


Puntarelle Chicory

Rhodos Frisee Endive

Eros Endive

Garnet Stem Chicory

Early Treviso Radicchio


Black Cherry

Gardener’s Sweetheart Cherry

Ceylon Cherry

Italian Heirloom – medium-size

Squash, winter

Delicata, Zepplin

Butternut, Burpees


Columbia Green or Nash’s Green



Lettuce heads

Crispino/Summertime Crisphead

Green and red butterhead

Green romaine


De Cicio, Solstice, Sante Sprouting, Spigariello Liscia leaf


Products available in smaller quantities on Puget Sound Food Hub or in our Farm Stand at the farm (call for seasonal/current availability):

Arugula: Astro

Eggplant: Diamond, Italian

Beans:   Romano Italian type

Fennel: Finale

Beets: Red Ace, Chioggia, Early Wonder Tall Top (for salad greens)

Greens: Magenta Spreen, for salad; Ruby Streaks, for salad & bunched; Mizuna, bunched; Greens Mix for Salad

Carrot: Napoli, Nantes; Yaya, Nantes; Scarlet Nantes keeper

Kale: Russian Frills, Dwarf Blue Curly Scotch, Black Italian Lacinato

Cauliflower: Snow Crown, Skywalker, Romanesco

Peas: Oregon Giant Snow, Sugar Ann Snap

Collards: Champion

Squash, summer: Costata Romanesco, Yellow patty pan

Corn: sweet (purchase at farm stand only)

Tomato, cherry: Sweet Orange II

Tomato, medium: Italian Heirloom, Stupice

Cucumber:  Shintokiwa, long crisp, tender skin

Note: Experimental crop for school districts (Contact Walter if you would like a sample this spring.)  Lettuce variety in which the heads break up into salad-size leaves for easy preparation.